Nine Cats is a contest winner at Crated

Today it's official.
Paper by 53 and CanvasPop teamed up for a contest. My winning submission is featured on the front page of Crated. Yes, that is my Nine Cats in a grid drawn in Paper.
Exquisite surrounding not supplied
Crated does this cool trick of showing you what the work might look like in situ. I didn't intend the cats to match the couch. 
I generally prefer a white frame. Your choice though!

Nine cats is coming to Crated

Nine cats is a winner
Straight out of Paper by 53, and chosen by some very astute judges to win. More later!

Vocalist singing the colours and shapes of synesthesia

Vocalist from Saltarello

The first weeks of July bring Sunfest, Rock the Park, and The Home County Folk Festival to our London Ontario. I did a number of drawings on location at Sunfest with my iPadThis is the girl with the long braids from Saltarello. 
Saltarello is a Quebec band using a mix of instrumentation and vocalizations. Hurdy-gurdy, didgeridoo, native drums, keyboards, guitar, violin and stringed instruments, throat singing and chants, musical drone tones, and did I mention powerful and melodic drums? 

Abstract Vocalist sings colours Basic White Mug
Abstract Vocalist sings colours Basic White Mug by samupress

The Cat Piano

 A young woman plays a tabletop keyboard instrument consisting of cats enclosed in containers connected to the key strikes. Perhaps intended originally as a satirical comment on the quality of the sound. On Tumblr, Openmarginalis wrote; "“The absurdity of a cat piano has no doubt contributed to its appeal across the centuries. ...” - The Public Domain Review", while Lost Splendour posted about the image. I had discovered it years ago and worked up a coloured version.

Here the image is reworked for a coffee mug, a full wrap image of a coloured engraving.
The Cat Piano Basic White Mug

Portrait of a Calico

Calico cat
The posing princess
The princess approached and sat long enough in a way similar enough, basically a left side view, that I could get enough reference. Sometimes you can make up stuff. Sometimes you want to be reasonably true to the patterns.
Silly but self-aware Calico cat
Silly but self-aware Calico cat by samupress

Final Thoughts, the mug, the wardrobe.

Devour your doubts
Words fail. At least they should for this image, because I believe it says what it is about, at a glance, from the eyes to the brain without needing captions, titles or explanations. It goes directly to meaning without needing explication.
Word balloon eating thoughts
Must! Consume!

Word balloon eating thoughts by samupress

Even "Final Thoughts" as a title suggests too much meaning, directing you to too sardonic a conclusion. Because thoughts don't really die - they aren't at all final, but are transformed into words or actions. Or not.

Word balloon eating thoughts
Transparent png file allows you to choose the t-shirt colour

Word balloon eating thoughts by samupress

The You Are Here Map mug

 You are here map mug
You are here. On this map. Yes.

When you need to know where you are. A map. Somewhere. On the backstreets. On this map. For sure. Really, the only thing you need know when you're lost. All the coffee cafés and cappuccino bistros and Italian espresso bars. Carry this mug with you and you'll never be lost again.

And fabulous full print T shirts!  

When people look to you for direction.
Here you are. Here I am.

What? Cat full-face in your face T-shirt

What? Cat looks alert

I can't believe I just saw that! Whut!?

Society6 has these neat new All Over Print T-shirts available at the samupress store. As for now, I have only this one, but I had always wanted Whut? Cat on a full face shirt. Prints are available too, and I can't believe I haven't shared this image here before. Even as this image looks quite dramatic on black, the Tees are available in a full range of colours and men's and women's sizes.

Whacky monster questions reality

Where's the ground?

Science confirms that, frequently, our minds assemble disparate sensory impressions to provide us with a reasonably accurate impression of reality, as much as we can perceive of it, accurate enough to allow us to go about our daily lives without any questions about the solidity of that reality. Infrequently, the sensory impression are inaccurate, inaccurate enough to question whether the tea is hot or lukewarm, whether your wife is tall or not so tall, or whether the wall is wobbling, or is that you? Sometimes we choose to induce those states.
Totally whacky discombobulated startled monster basic white mug
Totally whacky discombobulated startled monster basic white mug by samupress

A mountainous lumpy sleeping calico cat

Calico cat Flumpf.

She graces me again with her dozy sleeping presence and mighty volumes of long calico cat hair in black and orange and white to make up an arresting shape and pattern and odd distortion of form.

Sleeping calico cat by Samupress

The samupress Society6 store has 11 and 15 oz mugs and prints.

Whimsical calico cat on rocking chair

Sometimes she will stay in the same room as me. I have never understood why she is so stealthy and furtive. But sometimes she stays. If I can approach quietly while she is asleep. So generally, my view of her is an abstract lump of colour.

Okay now, this is real art. It has everything: colour, form, pattern, composition. Simultaneously as an abstract it is challenging and approachable. This mug belongs in an art gallery. Just a nice little dance of line and form.


Captain Cosmo Cat explores strange new worlds

Now the Captain explores strange worlds
Every so often, we receive word from Cosmo. We're quite proud of his interstellar adventures. We have seen his Spaceship XLZ11 as it zips through deep space... and now he sends a selfie from a strange new world wearing his jetpack, bearing Captain Cosmo soaring over an alien landscape.
Cats in Space Basic White Mug
Captain Cosmo Cat's first appearance

Cats in Space Basic White Mug by samupress

The mug celebrating Cosmo's first exotic interstellar exploration
Commemorative fine art prints and canvas of Captain Cosmo's great exploration of this strange new world are also available.