Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Venice Police Station coffee mug

Painters in Venice, most famously Canaletto, made a living selling canvases of views. Before cameras and postcards, this is what the traveller bought to remember and share what they had seen. All through the densely touristed spots, today, artists sell small images in watercolour and small canvases of views. What we consider fine art was once such a thing. 

I sat at one of a cluster of restaurants below The Rialto, and drew this view of the Police Station across the canal, also available as a print at samupress' Society6 store.

No, I didn't see the inside of this place.

Police Building in Venice at The Rialto
Perfect for Venetian Coffee

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Exceptional enormous engraved eye examines everything

Easily stare down those who would covet your coffee.
Large single engraved eye
Eye see what you did there.

Large single engraved eye by samupress

You can purchase these mugs at Zazzle with the accessory Tea infuser. This makes this mug a perfect gift for any IT person. They can make Eye Teas.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Huge hugely puzzled cat

What is there to say. A large orange long haired striped tabby cat subsumes the entire visual field. The cat herself is so subsumingly huge that her fur takes up her entire body so much so that her tiny feet and tiny head seem like unattended details in the world that is cat.
Puzzled orange striped cartoon cat
Can you see me yet?
Puzzled orange striped cartoon cat by samupress

Friday, 15 August 2014

Existentialist cat questions your existence

 Surely there must be some purpose to your life, some point to your existence, human. It can't be just sitting and drinking coffee. There must be more to it. What is life without string? without birds? without naps on your chest?
Cat looking with empty dish
The essence of existentialism, as I understand it is despair that the food dish will be forever empty.

Cat looking with empty dish by samupress

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Black cat sheds everywhere

Cute, appealing, and sometimes aware of the world with a focus of attention so pointed as to see things we don't see, or maybe even aren't even there. That's why we like them so much. Cats. That shed. Everywhere.

Odd little black cat shedding hair everywhere
Merely thinking of something sends cat hair everywhere

Odd little black cat shedding hair everywhere by samupress

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Wine gift boxes with images from Northern Italy

This is the Police Station in Venice, just on the other side of The Rialto where there is a cluster of restaurants. We likely ate a plate of roast vegetables, cuts of cheese and condiments and, no doubt, drank an exquisite and inexpensive bottle of wine. Even as a Lambrusco isn't a Venetian grape, a Lambrusco or a Primativo suitable for chilling would go very well in this box, a perfect reminder of, or a wish for, a summer day in Venice.

This image, of mountains in the north of Italy coming down from France through Piedmont on a train, the terrain rough, strong, a bit industrial, and as I want to continue matching the flavours in the image to the experience of the wines, here, something full bodied and long lasting, a Barbaresco, or a Barolo, an oak aged Nebiollo grape suits the flavours quite nicely.

This view, nostalgic, dramatic, looking back along the coastline after leaving Vernazza suggests a full bodied red, sweet with berries. You can't go wrong with a straight up Cabernet, also very satisfying after a good long hike along the Cinque Terre trails.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Matching the cat to the wine gift boxes

I love putting full spread large images on these boxes. I think you could carefully reopen the box flat and pin the art to your hallway wall. Once again, these images suggest what wine should go in the box. These cat images all suggest reds to me.

  Chocolate brown cat on squares
Perhaps a Malbec, even a Port, though I think maybe a Port is sweeter than the box, but I think this one, again, is an Amarone box. Deep dark and warm reddish browns, soft shadows and the soft, but present checkerboard edges suggest sharp but not overwhelming flavours. You might also consider a Chilean Cabernet. There is a rare grape variety called Carmenère which was used in Bordeaux's which adds the flavours of chocolate and fruit.

Here is a dramatic, grainy, dark and fuzzy cat drawing with light, casually dancing, but sharp linework. I see this going well with a Zinfandel's flavours of black cherry, mocha, pepper and spice.

Here, this cool, knowing, Italian grandfather ancestor cat suggests dry, but lively, light red classic Italian wines you might like to drink in the shade of a pergola. You could go right to the Nebiollo grape used in Barolo or Barbaresco, a grape high in the tannins that dry your cheeks, or a Primitivo, related to Zinfandels, from southern Italy with tastes of raspberry and clay.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014