24 in a grid

A sensuous and fascinating collage of images clipped out of a larger painting and reassembled in a 24 pane grid. Originally acrylic, paper.

Colour field cat

An almost florescent green cat rests on a hot pink background.

white spy cat

Something that starts out as a doodle can quickly grow to become, and look like something else. Like all the art I make here, you need to start with a mark, and surrender.

The 100 cats Ebook Giveaway!

Below, you will find 5 promo codes for the 100 cats ebook. You need an iPad 2 or 3, IOS 5 and the iBooks app to view and enjoy the downloaded book. Leave a comment here to indicate which code you've taken and used, so consequent readers know. As to the ebook, reviews and ratings on the iTunes store are welcome. Have fun.






Cat with curious mask

I drew this cat with a mask-like face, and realized later that it looks awfully like the "V" Anonymous mask. The mugs with cats from 100 cats are viewable under Featured Products or at All Categories/Mugs/cat mugs

22 cats folio update

The Folio of 22 cats prints is well received. The images print up beautifully. The set of images selected for the folio are from the 100 cats series of digital images. I did a series of blog posts for the greater portion of them.

All of the mini books have found homes.

100 cats

Fauvist Calico

Fauvist! in the Style of The Wild Beasts of art!