The "Carbon tax! On Everything!" T-shirts

White text proclaims "CARBON TAX! ON EVERYTHING!", with a little chicken (Chicken Little), alarmed, in the bottom right. Especially relevant if you are a Canadian , or paying any attention at all to our present political situation in Canada, where the governing party fantasizes its opponents.

Also available in white

Wind in cloud: red cloud

Wind in cloud: red cloud coffee mug
Wind in cloud: red cloud coffee mug by samupress
Can you handle a wind this big?

Black stripes

One of those abstract pattern drawings for morning meditative caffeine consumption. Almost a warning.

Precious hand drawn stripes of colour

As you toil away in your cubicle, you can hold this up to see if your co-workers clothing is properly colour coordinated.

Hello, hello, hello!

A handwritten grid of the word "Hello", written over and over and over and over :-) makes a very different texture for the pattern. Joyful, and tedious at the same time.

At Behance

I have set up a portfolio page at Behance

The cat's progress

The medium sized 22 cats book measures roughly 6 by 8 inches, or 15 by 20 cm. It contains the same 22 images as the small 22 cats book which I distributed as a promotion piece. You can download a free PDF of the small book. The medium sized 22 cats book available from me is $25.00 including shipping and handling. There are only ten of them - a few strategically distributed at finer Über Cool shops everywhere.

The 22 cats book features a selection of images from the ebook series 100 cats, available on the iTunes bookstore.