The Anonypuss mug

Drink to the revolution!
Anonypuss mask cat
Anonypuss mask cat by samupress
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Orange and yellow stamp cat

What do do with this fellow? Anyway, SketchTime is light, fast and focused on doing some things efficiently. The markers make an interesting stamp texture.

New years discount

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Zen Brush powered abstract expressionism.

Here is another of those retro-future, 1950's, abstract expressionist, Formica countertop patterns. It's going to be coffee cups, I think.

I have a number of pattern images upcoming.

Blue energy asteroid field

Like driving your spaceship through an asteroid field after mainlining six espressos. Can you handle it?
Blue energy field
Blue energy field by samupress

The "Mug of Wine Mug" and coaster

Yes. It's déclassé. You know better and you're strong enough to handle it.
A mug for wine
A mug for wine by samupress

Still, you can't leaves rings on the woodwork.
Wine mug coaster

James Reaney's annual A-Z Shopping guide

"Feline lovers will want 100 Cats by Doug Rogers. The London artist loves cats and his eBook features a cool 100 illustrations of cats. Pick your favourite(s). Visit or Uber Cool Stuff, 122 Dundas St. (and 123 Carling St.) (519-701-1271) $15."

Crazy original custom Christmas cards

An amazing crazy last minute idea for your Christmas cards. Do you have an iPad? Download the free Cards app from the iTunes store.

Then download the 100 cats ebook. It's only 99¢.

When you find a favourite image, tap it to bring it to full screen. Press the power and home buttons to make a screen shot.

Ta da! You've made a copy in the Photo app.

Navigate to the Cards app. Choose a card. Load the cat image from photos. Add some text. Save. Send. $4.99 Canadian.

The images in the 100 cats book are covered by an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

Remember Movember. White cat with large handlebar moustache

Sometimes a good idea doesn't happen until the conversation is over. But you can smile secretly to yourself anyway. 
Smug cat with a moustache. One mug, two moggies, one on each side. Before and after a big fine handlebar moustache is grown, then shed.
The mug has this image wrapped, one on one side, the other on the other.

cat with moustache
Cat with a fine moustache, before and after. Well, maybe after and after....

cat with moustache by samupress