Mostest hugest calico cat poster ever!

So much cat we had to make a really really big poster. 4 ft 5 in wide, 3 ft 4 in high. Also available in smaller, less massively impressive sizes.
Calico on red - Alarmed cat
Calico on red - Alarmed cat by samupress

Midnight Conspiracy Master on Tactilize

Cat with huge glasses and big eyes, sitting at the computer in the dark of the night. Up all night creatin' conspiracies.
Go to the Tactilize card online: or go to the page linked for Midnight Conspiracy Master stuff

Back off! This mug has a guard cat!

...made even better! Two! Count 'em! Two guard cats!
Alert cat coffee mugs
Alert cats' baleful stare!
This flipped image variation of the Alert Cat image, and mug offers the threat of dire consequences should anyone look covetously upon your coffee.Guard cat / Alert cat

The Monitor Head Men. Yes, The Monitor Head Men.

Starting life as lowly bitmaps, monitor head man duplicated again and again to create a gang, a team, a tribe, a worldwide grid, the Monitor Head Men. Together they show us all the futility of discriminating mind.

Pathetically cute octopus cat on her own notebook

I apologize in advance for this pathetically cute octopuss cat, with cute big eyes, and cute pink ears and cute tentacles exclaiming it's air-headed affection for all things. Cats have pink ears. I can't help it, so any implication that this is some kind of overly affectionate female of the species incapable of doing arithmetic really is unintended. The text in script is modifiable, so you can alter it as you wish. In fact I had tremendous trouble with arithmetic as a child. Gender has nothing to do with it. Love, Octopussy.

Orange mugs make hot chocolate taste better

Did you know that orange mugs make hot chocolate taste better? And that we have lots of orange mugs to make your chocolate experience, more artymore catty, and more funny too?

Jan. 3, 2013 — Two researchers from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the University of Oxford have demonstrated that hot chocolate tastes better in an orange or cream coloured cup than in a white or red one. The study adds to recent research demonstrating how our senses perceive food in a different way depending on the characteristics of the container from which we eat and drink.

"The colour of the container where food and drink are served can enhance some attributes like taste and aroma," as explained by Betina Piqueras-Fiszman, researcher at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain). Along with her colleague Charles Spence, from the University of Oxford (UK), the scientist has come to the conclusion in the case of drinking chocolate.

Toothy snake slithers across your mug

Odd. So odd. I do have pleasant dreams. Really.
Toothy funny snake
Toothy funny snake by samupress